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Anyone using the website anymore?

It has been well over a month since the last post. Just curious if the website is dead since it appears discord has now more content. I prefer the website to discord only because I can log in on my phone.
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EN cleared first week, starting heroics!!And0Jq1agYagk31j63ElZ0rCSmW8Awesomesauce!
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Awesome First EN Raid Night

If only wow hadn't glitched, it would have been 5+ bosses down!!And0Jq1agYagk3kMnJ1tFbAqYd60
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Legion Dungeon and Raid Schedule

Originally posted by Blizzard (View Original)When it comes to dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft: Legion, launch on August 30 is just the beginning. Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion. Tuesday, ...
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Legion Raiders Lexicon

[English] Medivh's 7.0 Legion Raiders LexiconWhat is this document?A collection of guides to prepare your character(s) for Legion RaidingWho is this document for?Primarily for semi-hardcore guilds. It's assumed that you'll be leveling 2-4 characte...
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Raids looking for a team!

Hello, I spoke to Nervies, so here I am with the TL;DR version of what we talked about. Myself and a few friends, (Right now four and a part-timer) are looking for new guild/raiding home. We're all vanilla players that branched out to play other g...
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Rebuilding some of my pc

Will be offline for a bit
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Any CS:GO Players here?

I'm thinking of renting a CS:GO sever if I can round-up enough of my old crew that wants to play. Anybody here play CS:GO?
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The Divison

Anyone playing the division on PC and would like to team up for single player or Dark zone? im level 16 right now!uPlay-Triggerhapy007 i know its lame leave me alone!
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Teir 19 legion Sets do you think got screwed over hte most or least?I think Mages/Rogues got really screwed over and the Shamans/Warlocks heve the best looking sets!
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So lately raiding turnouts have been really low and there is not any raids on the calendar. I was wondering if raiding is still a thing or if we are stopping until legion?
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When was your toon born? was first seen on Feb.26 2005
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Merry Christmas

Happy holidays all
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Graphics Card Recommendations?

Anyone have any recommendations for a graphics card? Here's what I have: Asus - Desktop - AMD A10-Series - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard DriveModel: M32BF-B03 SKU: 8447977I don't have a clue if this is enough information to go with, but if not, please let...
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GoT's first season 6 teaser trailer!!

This has made my freaking day...
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While Discord is down...

Since they're experiencing an outage in the datacenter I guess we have to go back to the old school methods of dishing out the latest scuttlebutt.I just updated some tickets and bugged Level3 about some errors being generated on some of my circuit...
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New Batman v Superman Trailer

looks bad ass
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